Top view of the ROCKET Exodus


built with LAF technology

CHF 279.00

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We will be on vacation from the 07th to the 28th of September and will not be able to process any further orders before that. All incoming orders will be shipped mid October. Thanks for your understanding and your patience.

The Exodus is the first platform with an ergonomic 3D concave and brings some fresh air into LDP. It was developed together with former 24h ultra world record holder Andrew Andras and Marco Heinen aka Boozy. The unique rocker-camber-rocker profile and 8-12mm of mild tub concave provide the necessary support even for hard pumping. When pushing, the cambered part flattens out and provides a comfortable ride for hours. Over 8000km of prototype testing prove these long distance abilities. The LAF (light as f**k) technology makes the Exodus one of the lightest serial produced boards on the market and 100% waterproof. Save some water – shower with your board!

The nose is designed to be run with all the established forks or brackets, RKP or TKP trucks and wheels up to 85mm. The multiple wheelbase options in the back fit all the current forks and brackets, G|Bomb torsion tail, Don’t trip Delirium and Exile Insania.

The Exodus – Light, ergonomic and waterproof.

The flex of the Exodus works best for riders with 65-90 kg (145-200 lbs). If you want a stiffer board, just mention your weight in the order notes. We’ll build your board according to your needs without additional costs.