ROCKET Longboards

ROCKET Longboards werden in unserer eigenen Werkstatt im Herzen der Schweizer Alpen hergestellt. Bei der Entwicklung von neuen Shapes und Concaves ist Innovation eines unserer höchsten Ziele. Wir verwenden nur zertifiziertes Holz und die besten Verstärkungsfasern, die auf den jeweiligen Anwendungsbereich genauestens abgestimmt sind. Deshalb sind unsere Bretter leichter, widerstandsfähiger und langlebiger als andere Longboards auf dem Markt. Alle unsere Boards sind CNC-gefräst und erfüllen die höchsten Qualitätsansprüche. Mit Neuentwicklungen wie der LAF technology und neuen Materialien wie unseren sublimierten oder geprägten PBT Topsheets, sind wir immer einen Schritt voraus und setzen neue Standards.

ROCKET Geschichte

In 2009 I got introduced in board building by the German longboard forum and Silverfish. There were some really good board builders who showed their boards. I saw them and I needed to try that too. Instead of just clamping some plywood together I wanted to try the real stuff. So my first board was made of birch with a light poplar core, glass- and carbon fiber. Building this board got me absolutely hooked. I wanted build more and try some new things. The boards got lighter and more complex. Some were foam cores completely without wood: only foam, carbon and polycarbonate bumpers with a weight of less than 2.2 lbs. After I felt a certain demand for the boards I’m building I worked around 1.5 years on the first official ROCKET line up. Doing this next to my “real” job was pretty intense but the result was great. With the new presses I developed I was able to bend the wood in some crazy concaves that didn’t exist at that time. Together with my knowledge about composite materials the boards came out light and stiff. At the end of 2013 I officially introduced ROCKET Longboards as a brand and started selling the boards. Since that time ROCKET grew year by year and is now an inherent part of the longboard community.

Warum ist ROCKET anders?

The materials, the concaves and the philosophy make ROCKET Longboards unique.

Materials: All ROCKET boards are made of certified sustainable wood sandwiched between carbon, glass or flax fibers. The kind of fibers, their weave and the grammage are precisely adapted to the particular purpose of the board. The LAF technology with its ultra-light wood core and urethane edges are the next level of board building.

Concaves: With my self-developed pneumatic presses and the cnc machined molds I’m able to realize some of the most unique 3D concaves on the market. Innovation meets comfort.

Philosophy: ROCKET Longboards isn’t just another company trying to jump on the hype train. It slowly developed into what it is right now. I started to build boards because I love longboarding. It’s still a one man company, just with better machines now. All the influences come directly from longboarders like my team riders and friends. In fact it’s the best example for “from longboarders – for longboarders”.

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