Exodus Flex II without graphic

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This Exodus Flex II comes in all black without graphic. Other than that, all dimensions and characteristics are the same as in a regular Exodus.

The Flex II is ideal for riders up to > 90 kg / 200 lbs.


The original Exodus was the first platform with an ergonomic 3D concave and was introduced in 2018. For 2022 we completely revised the board. The unique rocker-camber-rocker profile and 8-11mm of mild tub concave provide the necessary support even for hard pumping. When pushing, the cambered part flattens out and provides a comfortable ride for hours. Thanks to a light poplar core reinforced with carbon and glass fibers and surrounded with urethane rails, the Exodus is light and 100% waterproof.

The nose is designed to be run with all the established forks or brackets, RKP or TKP trucks and wheels up to 90mm. The multiple wheelbase options in the back fit all the current forks and brackets, G|Bomb torsion tail, Don’t trip Delirium and Exile Insania.

For 2022 we have made minimal adjustments to the shape of the nose to give the wheels a few millimeters more space. It also has a slightly wider waist so that the flex is less concentrated in the middle and more distributed over the whole board. The new concave is more ergonomic and a little less aggressive on the sides. That makes it even more comfortable on very long journeys.

The Exodus platform is available in two flex versions:

Flex I: < 110 kg / 240 lbs

Flex II: > 90 kg / 200 lbs

The Exodus – Light, ergonomic and waterproof.

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Additional information


28" / 71 cm


9.56" / 24.3 cm (front) 9.25" / 23.5 cm (back)


20"-22" / 51-56 cm


0.31"-0.47" / 8-12 mm


2.75 lbs / 1250 g


Ultralight wood core, Carbon fiber, Glass fiber, Black urethane edges, Embossed ABS topsheets


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