Meteorite DT – 2015

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The Meteorite is the Meteor’s little brother. It has been developed especially for smaller riders. This board also has a DRocker double spoon concave, but the dimensions are reduced. This allows riders with a 9.5 (US) shoe size or smaller to find their optimal stance on the board.

It is also a great starting board for children and women, as its concave provides a lot of security when learning to slide. Thanks to the stiff construction, it remains stable even at higher speeds, allowing you to get used to it.

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37" / 94 cm


9.25” / 23.5 cm


27.16” – 28.35” / 69 – 72 cm


0.59” / 15 mm


0.39” drop + 0.39” rocker / 10 mm drop + 10 mm rocker


SFI-certified Canadian maple, Glass fibers


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