Linum 111

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The Linum 111 and the Linum 98 are the latest addition to our line of dance boards. With both boards, the focus was on functionality with a lot of attention to every detail.

The 111 fills the gap (literally) between our existing Linum 116 and 106. The concave is similar to the two but was redesigned from scratch. Together with our team rider Théo Sauzon, an experienced dancer and engineer, we designed the perfect do-it-all all board. Dancing, freestyle, insane combos, if you can only take one board with you for traveling and events, then this should be your choice. The combination between the concave, rocker, and wheel flairs results in a standing surface that offers enough support without being too restrictive. Perfect for dance moves, but also for all kinds of tricks.

This board has three mounting options. The two longer ones allow the flex and pop to be adjusted perfectly. As soon as the kicks have worn out, you can switch to the shortest option to keep them functional.

The Linum 111 is made of bamboo, flax, and carbon fibers. This precisely coordinated combination ensures a long-lasting pop, durability, and an extremely smooth ride. It also keeps the board very light and easy to handle.

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Additional information


43.7” / 111 cm


0.43” / 11 mm


0.2" / 5mm

Kick height

1.2" / 30 mm


25.3"-27.6" / 64.3-70.3cm


Certified bamboo, Natural flax fiber, Carbon fiber, Embossed ABS topsheet


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