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The Rhino is an ultra modern racing board designed to suit today’s riding style. It’s narrow, stiff, and allows the rider to stand completely on the front truck. For the first time, we use an elliptical concave in a race board. This combines the advantages of a tub and a radial concave and offers great control and board feel. It ensures that you don’t oversteer or understeer and that every input is implemented evenly. In the nose, the concave and a mild rocker merge into mellow flares that stretch around the nose. This gives the foot a point of reference without restricting it. The many wheelbase options serve to position the truck exactly under the foot where the rider wants it. In addition, the footstop can also be placed perfectly.

At the back, a mellow drop and a wide, flat W create a perfect pocket for the foot. Here, too, the truck can be precisely adjusted to the rider thanks to four wheelbase options.

The Rhino is also available as the Rhino Racetail (integrated torque block) and the Rhino Kicktail (made to order).

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32” / 81.5 cm


8.85’’ / 22.5 cm


20.5’’ – 23.5’’ / 52 – 59.5 cm


Elliptical / 0.4’’ / 10 mm


SFI-certified Canadian maple, Carbon fiber, Glass fiber, Embossed ABS topsheet

2 reviews for Rhino

  1. Jose

    This board is THE board to step up your game!!! They say that it’s not the gear, it’s the rider, but this board will seriously make you better. The suttle drop it has on the back really helps you tuck more confortably and locks u in! The front cradles ur foot so good and even at its size it doesnt feel tight at all. Also, I crashed it pretty hard and it didn’t even make a dent so this thing will last forever!

    • ROCKET – Patrizia

      Thank you so much for that review.
      I love to hear that it stepped up your game!

      Enjoy your Rhino,

  2. Lucas

    This board has the best concave I’ve ever skated. I’ve always bounced from board to board, sometimes not getting the feedback I wanted, sometimes finding the shape too aggressive and tiring, and the Rhino falls squarely in the sweet spot.

    The “spoon” shape on the nose gives perfect grip and leverage for big heelsides and tight cornering, the mellow concave with the nice rocker and flare in the back give unparalleled support for toesides while staying comfortable for cruising to work.

    This board is natural, yet packed with well thought out features, all this built in the stiff, light and reactive Rocket layup that we know and love.

    • ROCKET – Patrizia

      I’m really happy to read how much you like your board.
      Thank you very much for your review Lucas!


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