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The Moray is a modern and highly technical topmount pump board. It is the latest addition to our LDP line and completes what has begun in 2018 with the Exodus and continued 2020 with the Rambler.

Like the other two boards, the Moray also has a unique three-dimensional Concave. Thanks to the rocker camber profile, the front is wedged by +3° and the rear truck by -5°. On the one hand, the bend ensures an ergonomic stand and on the other, the trucks need to be wedged less.

Due to the lightweight construction and the reinforcement with carbon and glass fibers, the board is very agile and responsive. It was intentionally not built completely stiff, but has some flex with a great rebound to get a lot of power out of the pumps. This makes the board ideal for the ambitious long distance rider as well as for the beginner who wants to get into LDP with his existing setup.

You know we listen to your feedback. And of course, we are happy to implement that. After the Moray has proven itself over the last 2 years and has found many friends, we are giving it a new flex level. We have often heard from riders under 90 kg the desire for more flex. The new version is incredibly fun and extremely lively. A little less top speed oriented, but more designed for pleasure. Still with a snappy flex and lots of rebound.

The Moray is available in two flex versions:

  • Flex I: 80 – 120 kg / 175 – 265 lbs
  • Flex II: 50 – 90 kg / 110 –  200 lbs

If you order your board gripped by us, we will use the dark matter griptape with 60 grit. In our opinion, this version fits best to LDP decks. Please let us know in the comment section if you prefer the 40 grit.

Get a free membership of the IDSA – the Skate International Distance and Supercross Association – for a year when purchasing this board (new members only)

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Additional information


39’’ / 99 cm


9.45’’ / 24 cm


29.1’’ – 30.9’’ / 74 – 78.5 cm


0.47’’ / 12 mm


Wedge +3° front and -5° back


SFI certified bamboo, Carbon fiber, Glass fiber, Embossed ABS topsheet

1 review for Moray

  1. Daniel Friedrich

    The Moray for me is the classic, long-wheelbase LDP topmount perfected.

    The built-in angles help with reducing the number of pads you need to set it up and therefore also save some ride-height for the times you have to push.

    Well formed and spacious wheelwells leave a lot of clearance even for big wheels around the 80mm mark.

    Very solid wheelbase-options to find the right points for leverage on the front and overall axle-to-axle wheelbase.

    Now for the best part: the combination of the bent side profile and the Concave forms a really comfortable kind of shallow tub that locks in the front foot and let’s you play a little with the flex pattern depending on where you place your rear foot. It feels like you never really need a footstop on the front (barely touching mine most of the time but I keep it on by habit).

    And also the flex itself is very well done for me. I am about 90-92kg and it’s a very smooth dampening flex that gives very powerful return on the de-weight of a pump if you also power into it. It won’t bounce in a trampoline kind of fashion, you have to be more deliberate about it but once you get a feel for it, there’s a ton of power to be had.
    I ride the flex 1. My guess is you probably want the flex 2 if you are below 80kg or want a more chill and cruising vibe.

    And of course being a long Topmount, it will need some extra effort to work up to speed, but damn can it put down some high top and average speeds

    All in all this board is the best LDP topmount I have tried in over a decade, but it might be a bit too race-like for some

    • ROCKET – Patrizia

      Thank you very much for your detailed feedback Daniel.
      We really appreciate it!


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